Hi, I'm Christi!

I'm a feeler…in every sense of the word.

I feel happy for the winning team but I also feel sad for the losing. I feel like I'll have enough gas to get where I need to. I feel like the shelf I'm hanging will hold all the paraphernalia I plan to put on it. Feelings — I got 'em. 

However, I began to feel (hah!) that I had a recurring feeling. I would pass someone at work who was having a bad day — "I feel like I should write them something." I would talk to a new student who is having trouble adjusting — "I feel like I should write them something." The person, the situation, and the reason the feeling came were all different. The thing I always felt compelled to do was the same…Write them. 

But I rarely did. 

Isn't that a shame? With our words we have incredible power — to lift someone's spirits, to change their perspective, to pick them back up, to point them to Jesus, and to remind them they are loved + important + valuable. But like I said, it's a shame — to have this power to speak and the feelings to prompt us. Yet, we don't.

I want to change that. 

These tiny cards — Tiny Tells — were made for me + they were made for you. They are made tiny so we will carry them wherever we go and they are made so we tell — tell people we love them, we're praying for them, we're happy for them and we're rooting for them. 

Let's get telling.