For My Mom: Orange ya glad!?


My mom has said that she wants to write a book entitled, "My Life Inside a Pinball Machine". She and my dad raised six kids together.  Yep, SIX. Now that I have a kid of my own, I have taken on a whole new appreciation for that number — SIX. Oh, and there is only a short 10 year span between the oldest + youngest. Which also means my mom was pregnant a portion of every year for twelve years. Yup. 

So why a pinball machine? Well, she says that she often felt like the pinball. And us kids, we were the machine. Have you every played before? The pinball gets bounced around everywhere. Sometimes it will get stuck in a part of the machine for a few seconds — get twirled around + bounced around and then suddenly shot off real quick to another section where it gets spun + twirled  again and then what do ya know? It gets shot off again!  The cycle is pretty much endless. No rest for the pinball.

OK so what does this have to do with the newest tell?

Well my mom, every since I started Tiny Tells has pretty much begged  for a wordless tell. She just wanted something pretty on the front with no words. When I think of her analogy – I kind of see why. As our mom, she never knew what the day would hold as she cared for our six little souls. Who would get their feelings hurt? Who would get mad at who? Who would have something exciting happen at school? Who would need a hug? Who would need a talkin-to? 

Moms really are like that pinball - constantly bouncing from kid to kid meeting their ever-changing needs. 

So this tell was created with my mom in mind. A wordless tell so that it will fit every need a mother meets in a single day. In one short day, momma may write:

"HEY YOU! Great job cleaning your room!"
"Im sorry today was hard - I love you"
"You rocked your test! Proud of you!"

So this one is for my momma. But also mommas. 
And also plot twist: For kids (young +old) to give to their mom.

Below are some fun ways you can use tells as a gift to your mom. 
(click the picture to shop the tells!)


a gift basket

A basket full of sweet gifts to pamper you momma is always a win. Grab a candle, pretty soaps, the "Mothers Day Bundle" and she will love it. Shoot, who wouldn't? 

Coupon Cards

Use a bundle of "Orange Ya Glad" tells to write "coupons" on the back of each. It makes for a thoughtful gift that keeps on giving. 

A collection of likes

Grab a bundle of 15, 30 or if ya really like yo momma — 60 of the "You know something?" tells + write something specific on the back of each. You can gift her with a collection of specific things you like about her. #tearsguaranteed